Awesome Formation Flying with the Nflightcam –
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  • Ron

    Unbelievable !!!!!! I have seen many flight teams and I don’t mean the Military ones. These guy are good. Hope to get to Oshkosh this year and I hope they are there. Last maneuver was great.

  • Chuck McSorley

    They are good, however, they are not near as good as Charlie Hillard and the Eagles. Now there was a team that would take your breath away.

  • Mike Walling

    Not the Red Arrows – but just as spectacular – excessive flying skills demonstrated – excellent

  • John Roske

    Sooo Cool. It did motivate me to get an Nflightcam. You evil plan worked!

  • PilotTerry

    Adrenaline has kicked in just watching – NICE! Phenomenal !


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