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Transatlantic flight in a single engine!

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AfricaTrailer from Patrick Carter on Vimeo. Have you ever thought about using the Nflightcam for your cross-country flying?  It’s a great way to save some of those cherished memories and show all your friends your flying adventures! When I hear the words “cross-country” I typically think of the FAA’s requirements towards most licenses…”time acquired during a flight that includes a point of landing that was at least a straight-line distance of more than 50 nautical miles from the original point of departure.” Lets just say this video is one ENORMOUS cross-country! In this video you will see Patrick’s adventures as he ferries an airplane from San Luis Obispo, California to Nairobi, Kenya.   This transatlantic trip took Patrick 4 weeks to complete, he covered an impressive 9665NM, and logged 108 flight hours. So who is ready to put on their “Gumby Suit” and fly transatlantic?!?

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360 Tactical Sky Race

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  When we hear the word “pilot” the average person would associate an airplane with that term…well not at the Parabatix Sky Racer event! This is an aviation event like I have never seen before…think RedBull Air Races meets paramotor pilots! These daring pilots strap a frame on their back which consists of the motor and propeller, then they attach their paraglider wing…and they are ready to fly. During flight pilots use a handheld throttle to control their power and steer with the paragliders brake toggles. Parabatix SkyRacer pilots will reach speeds of up to 35kts and fly just feet above the ground…while concurring an impressive course of inflatable cones and even picking up objects off the ground with their feet. Using a Nflightcam you can also capture all your impressive flying moments just like the paramotor pilots! We have a wide range of mounts so you have options. Install your camera inside the airplane or outside with our state-of-the-art stud mount. Capture your flights today with your own Nflightcam!

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Intense Mountain Flying

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As we can see from the Hawker Jet video, NFlightcam is a great addition to any pilots flight bag! Not only do the weekend warriors enjoy filming their flights, but professional pilots do too.   Aspen is a popular destination for vacationers, and professional pilots end up flying their customers to this hot spot frequently during the winter months.  Pilots flying into Aspen, CO have to be on the top of their game and make sure all of their pre-flight planning is complete.  There are very unique factors with this airport that make it a challenging destination.   Some interesting facts about Aspen-Pitken County Airport:
  • The tower sequences aircraft to land on runway 15 and depart runway 33 due to mountainous terrain.
  • IFR approach minimums average around 2000ft AGL and require circling to land.
  • Airport Remarks in the Airport Facility Directory are lengthy!  Just one of the important notes “Review of airplane performance recommended including density altitude, weight and balance and climb performance”
  NFlightcam can capture all your flying adventures…even Aspen if you dare!  The camera has a wide range of benefits such as capturing headset audio, GPS data, 170 degree field of view, mobile connectivity, and much more.   Its not surprising that a it’s a hot item for many pilots…make it your next toy!

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