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Rob Holland Files with the Blue Angels

Posted on April 17, 2012 by 5 | 3 comments
Last week Patrick was on location with Rob Holland and the Blue Angels at the Wings Over South Texas Airshow. They had so much fun on this photo shoot with Scott Slocum. The video captured with the Nflightcam+ (of course!) turned out amazing as well. Days like this make us really love our job! Special thanks to: The Men and Women of The United States Navy Lt C.J. Simonsen, Blue Angel #5 Lt Dave Tickle, Blue Angel #6
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  • Bobby Roe

    The video is awesome, and so is the music. Can anyone tell me what the music is?


  • Graeme Dore

    Hello, great device you are developing.
    With the Bluetooth , what sort of distance can an iPad be away from the camera and still be controllable,
    do you have a remote zoom facility planned for the camera as well.
    Graeme Dore (Australia)

  • emily

    Hi Bobby!

    The music is from Vimeo’s music store, I am not sure what the specific track name is though, sorry!


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