Awesome Formation Flying with the Nflightcam –
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  • PilotTerry

    Adrenaline has kicked in just watching – NICE! Phenomenal !

  • Chuck McSorley

    They are good, however, they are not near as good as Charlie Hillard and the Eagles. Now there was a team that would take your breath away.

  • Mike Walling

    Not the Red Arrows – but just as spectacular – excessive flying skills demonstrated – excellent

  • John Roske

    Sooo Cool. It did motivate me to get an Nflightcam. You evil plan worked!

  • Ron Shipley

    I agree! The flying was sensational. Great pilots!! But isn’t the Nflightcam supposed to not record the propeller? There were several shots that looked very similar to the videos my digital video camera, which is not (currently) a Nflightcam camera, takes.

  • Ron

    Unbelievable !!!!!! I have seen many flight teams and I don’t mean the Military ones. These guy are good. Hope to get to Oshkosh this year and I hope they are there. Last maneuver was great.


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