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Flying with the Nflightcam Strut Clamp Mount

Posted on April 25, 2017 by Patrick Carter | 0 comments

Nflightcam Strut Clamp Mount Test Flight from Patrick Carter on Vimeo.


When I first contemplated creating a strut mount for an action camera, it seemed it would be a simple task. Then I began thinking about the features. It had to fit from the smallest to the largest strut; it had to be easy to install; the camera had to be simple to adjust... the list kept growing. I made several versions, but none of them met my criteria. In fact, I produced a batch of 100 mounts and then decided they were inferior and refused to sell them. This project haunted me for the better part of four years. A design that was universal and easy to use alluded me. After showing a prototype to several friends last summer, I was convinced I had found the solution. The final design was completed, and test flights confirmed the mount was perfected and ready for market. The Nflightcam Strut Clamp Mount is easy to use, simple to adjust, and fits any strut from a J3 Cub to Cessna Caravan. 




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