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Solar USB Battery

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Never run out of power again! Power all your USB cockpit accessories with this Solar USB Battery Pack. The 12,000mah solar battery will charge an iPhone up to five times and provide one complete charge for an iPad Air. In addition to powering your USB devices, the built-in emergency flashlight is perfect for illuminating the cockpit at night.


* Solar USB battery

* Micro-USB charging cable

* Built-in LED light

* Carabiner


* Water-Resistant

* Shock-Resistant

* Solar Cell Charging

* Ruggedized Rubber Exterior

* Compact at 4" x 6.5" x 0.5" 

Please note: The solar cell is not designed to completely charge the battery; it is designed to increase the battery life when in use.  For maximum performance, this battery should be charged completely with the micro-USB cable and then placed in direct sunlight.

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Michael M.

Solar USB Battery Review

This is an invaluable accessory to have for your GoPro camera as well as other electronics that can be charged via USB. It saved the day for one flight event when my GoPro's camera battery completely discharged while in it's case due to the other items in the case pressing against the camera's on/off switch. A few tips on using this battery: 1. You must turn the battery on to charge your electronic item. Just connecting your item to the battery will not start the charging. Once you connect your item to the battery, press the battery's power button. The battery's blue lights should illuminate and the item that is connected should indicate that it is receiving a charge. 2. If you disconnect a charging item for more than 30 seconds (or if you press the battery power button and delay more than 30 seconds before connecting an item) the battery will turn off. If you then re-connect the item to the battery you will need to press the battery's power button again to start the charging. Bottom Line: After you've had the battery connected to an electronic item for about a minute, double-check to ensure that the battery's blue lights are still illuminated and that your item is still receiving a charge. 3. Ensure you have the necessary charging cables for your electronic item for connecting to a USB charging source. 4. The charging cable that comes with the battery (for charging the battery using a USB wall outlet) is very short, approximately 9 inches. When charging the battery you will need to place it very close to the wall outlet (or other charging source. 5. A single green light will illuminate on the battery when there is a light source present. I assume this indicated that the solar charging is active.

John W.


Purchased the solar charger/battery for use with my IPad and IPhone. worked as promised. It charged my IPad and kept it from running out of battery power for over 8 hours of use while flying using ForeFlight.

Rod T.

Cool stuff for my cool plane!!

It is so great to have a place to buy aviation specific equipment and be able to read the reviews to know what issues may or may not be something to look for with my application. Nflightcam has some really cool products and I will be looking forward to the new ideas you come up with in the future. Rod Triplett

Paul M.

Handy !

If you out on the road this little jewel is quite the thing...Two or Three days away from normal utilities and this fills the void...