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Nflightcam Exterior Mounting Kit for GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4

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**See how-to video at bottom page**

Interested in mounting your GoPro outside to get that awesome shot but not willing to trust your GoPro to double-stick tape and plastic? Worry no longer. This kit is everything you need to safely and securely mount your GoPro externally.  

Our Exterior Billet Mount attaches anywhere there is a #6, #8, or #10 machine screw. Simply remove the existing screw and replace it with our spud and a screw 1/2" longer than the screw that was removed. The mount is milled from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized so corrosive environments will not cause it to fail. The hex head screw also allows the GoPro to be tightened enough to withstand 300 KIAS. In comparison, tightening the plastic thumb screw that comes with the GoPro enough to withstand 300 KIAS is very difficult, if not impossible.  (See how-to video below.)

Our propeller filter and adapter remove the annoying lines created by the propeller. We use a ND8 filter to remove the propeller; however, our adapter allows you to attach any standard 58mm camera filter to your GoPro. The 58mm diameter allows the use of wide-angle mode without vignetting (seeing the edges of the filter in your video).  

Kit Includes:

1-Exterior Billet Mount

1-58mm Propeller Filter and 58mm Filter Adapter 

* The Exterior Billet Mount is compatible with all GoPro models.

* The 58mm Propeller filter is compatible with GoPro Hero3, 3+, and 4. (Requires new case with no screws around bezel.)


This filter is compatible with the case above.

This filter is not compatible with the case below.


* GoPro Camera and/or waterproof case not included.

RV4 Billet Mount Video from Patrick Carter on Vimeo.


P40Lowpass-Broadband High from Patrick Carter on Vimeo.

Low-pass in a P40 Warhawk using a GoPro mounted with an Nflightcam Exterior Billet Mount.

Otter Wilson Denali from Patrick Carter on Vimeo.




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Thomas N.

GoPro exterior mounting kit

This is a very sturdy but simple kit. Mounting time approximately 1 hr. I mounted mine under the wing on the tie down bracket. I have only made 2 test flights (without the camera) to verify the setup. After this weather event I plan to begin filming our mountain fall colors in North Carolina.

William B.

Superb Mounting kit

Have bought a a couple of kits recently and have put 3 mounts on the plane. Two external hard mounts, which work well. Had to buy one smaller machine screw to mount the underwing base mount and used the supplied machine screw for the under fuselage mount. Easy to set up, can leave them on the plane and quick to move the camera around. Also use the suction cup soft mount in the cockpit. All good products of great quality and simple to use.

6500 C.

Sturdy Mount and lens filter

Using the exterior billet and prop filter lens gives me extra confidence in protecting my camera and saving money on my equipment. Looking forward to more new products like this. M.Cottle

William D.

Well made. I needed to

Well made. I needed to use a different screw to attach it to my C-182.

Ryan S.

NFlightcam GoPro mount

This mount works perfectly for mounting to the exterior of my plane. The little aluminum nub or "spud" is left on there and the camera can be taken off and used in the cockpit to record flights/air traffic control audio and then mounted outside in a few seconds. It's sturdy, doesn't vibrate, and doesn't mark up the paint.