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Solar USB Battery

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Never run out of power again! Power all your USB cockpit accessories with this Solar USB Battery Pack. The 12,000mah solar battery will charge an iPhone up to five times and provide one complete charge for an iPad Air. In addition to powering your USB devices, the built-in emergency flashlight is perfect for illuminating the cockpit at night.


* Solar USB battery

* Micro-USB charging cable

* Built-in LED light

* Carabiner


* Water-Resistant

* Shock-Resistant

* Solar Cell Charging

* Ruggedized Rubber Exterior

* Compact at 4" x 6.5" x 0.5" 

Please note: The solar cell is not designed to completely charge the battery; it is designed to increase the battery life when in use.  For maximum performance, this battery should be charged completely with the micro-USB cable and then placed in direct sunlight.

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