Hello! My name is Emily and I'm married to Patrick,  the owner and creator of  Nflightcam.  I'm going to be writing  about my adventures in learning to fly here at the Nflighcam Blog.  Of course, I'll be using Nflightcams to capture the flights. Sooo... an alternate title for this video would be: The Time I Almost Puked on My Instructor. I don't get motion sick easily and I have no trouble doing steep turns with Patrick or Adam (my instructor) but something about doing it myself makes me so ill. At a particularly whiney moment (that I edited out) I complained that it felt like we were going too fast. To which Adam replied "It's supposed to be fast. Patrick would be so ashamed." Clearly my goal is not to become an aerobatic pilot. I'll stick with nice, calm flight thankyouverymuch.     During the next lesson we worked on a lot of take-offs and landings.  I could definitely use more work in this area, but I'm getting a little better. I've heard the word "solo" mentioned here and there.  Excuse me while I go breathe into a paper bag, okay?
Emily's flight lessons

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