As we can see from the Hawker Jet video, NFlightcam is a great addition to any pilots flight bag! Not only do the weekend warriors enjoy filming their flights, but professional pilots do too.   Aspen is a popular destination for vacationers, and professional pilots end up flying their customers to this hot spot frequently during the winter months.  Pilots flying into Aspen, CO have to be on the top of their game and make sure all of their pre-flight planning is complete.  There are very unique factors with this airport that make it a challenging destination.   Some interesting facts about Aspen-Pitken County Airport:
  • The tower sequences aircraft to land on runway 15 and depart runway 33 due to mountainous terrain.
  • IFR approach minimums average around 2000ft AGL and require circling to land.
  • Airport Remarks in the Airport Facility Directory are lengthy!  Just one of the important notes “Review of airplane performance recommended including density altitude, weight and balance and climb performance”
  NFlightcam can capture all your flying adventures…even Aspen if you dare!  The camera has a wide range of benefits such as capturing headset audio, GPS data, 170 degree field of view, mobile connectivity, and much more.   Its not surprising that a it’s a hot item for many pilots…make it your next toy!

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