It's a long story, really. One of those a friend of a friend and all the pieces just fell into place kind of stories. Short version: Patrick is ferrying a Cessna 182 to Kenya over the next few weeks. At the last minute, his friend Jake decided to jump in and join him on the first half of the trip.   Obviously, the 182 is a small airplane.  This little baby can't quite manage a flight directly across the Atlantic Ocean. So they're hopping up through Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and then into Europe and then down to Africa. Tired just thinking about it? Yeah, me too. Matt, the guy in the far left in the picture above, did a TON of work on the 182 to get it ready. He was kinda glad to see it leave, I think! Patrick and Jake flew together in college and talked a lot about flying some big adventure. It was a long time coming, but they're finally doing it. And YES, they will be filming the trip with (multiple, I'm sure) Nflightcams. What else did you expect?   Bye boys. Fly safe. Don't have too much fun without us.
AdventureNflightcam in actionShooting in the field

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