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Click and drag to rotate the 3D model below for inspiration on mounting options.

Questions? Call or text us at 907-891-8607 or email


We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry and our ability to seek out those with experience with almost any aircraft, from ultralights to fighter jets. Our support staff includes CFIs, A&Ps, IAs, and ATP pilots. When you call NFlight, a pilot will answer the phone. We are a small company and believe that customer support is the key to our success.


The image in your video is only half the story.

Our audio cables allow you to capture the other half by recording everything you hear in your headset.


With our thoughtfully-designed mounts, you have endless options for capturing stunning footage from all your flights. Inside the cockpit, on the wing, on the tail, from the belly of the plane or helicopter... The sky's the limit!


Is propeller distortion ruining your flight videos and photography? Our GoPro and smartphone filters eliminate propeller distortion.

Designed to be all in one solutions for filming on the flightdeck. Our kits provide everything you need to mount, filter the propeller, and record everything you hear in your headset. We even throw in a nice case to carry it all in.

Expert Support

We are a small company, and support is a high-priority. If you call NFlight, you will talk to not only a pilot, but an owner of the company. Patrick and Courtney are both avid pilots and believe in answering every phone call, text, and/or email themselves.  

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