NFlightCam Aviation Audio Cable for Insta360 X4

SKU: 430X4

Plug Style: Dual Plug
Sale price$ 59.99


This cable allows you to record all ATC and cockpit intercom transmissions on your Insta360 X4.


Your Insta360 X4 is great in the cockpit, but to capture the entire story, you need the audio from your headset, intercom, and radio. This cable makes that possible while also providing you the option to power your Insta360 X4 indefinitely by connecting to a USB battery pack.


Use this cable to connect your Insta360 X4 to your intercom. Plug one end into the side of the Insta360 X4 and the other into an available headset jack. The Insta360 X4 will record everything you hear and say through the headset, including intercom and ATC communications. Record indefinitely by plugging a USB battery pack into the power input.

    • Capture everything you hear in your headset, including ATC audio.
    • Noise-canceling audio circuit creates crystal-clear audio recording.
    • Includes Insta360 X4 Mic Adapter

    This cable is very easy to use. The door on the side of the Insta360 X4 is removable, allowing you to plug the cable and included adapter into the camera. The cable also includes a female plug to plug your headset into, so you’re not blocking an intercom jack.

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