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Nflightcam Aviation Audio+Power Cable for GoPro Hero3, 3+, and 4

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Your GoPro is great in the cockpit, but to capture the entire story, you need the audio from your headset, intercom, and radio. This cable makes that possible as well as allowing you to power your GoPro indefinitely. This is the same award-winning cable that we produced for the GoPro Hero3, but we have added Hero4 compatibility and a power input. Use this cable to connect your GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, or Hero4 to your intercom. Plug one end into the side of the GoPro and the other into a standard PJ jack. The GoPro will record everything you hear and say through the headset, including intercom and ATC communications. Record indefinitely by plugging a USB battery pack into the power input.  (Please note: Due to the design of the GoPro, using aircraft power will not work.)
  • Records all headset audio, including intercom and ATC.
  • Includes a noise-reduction circuit for crystal-clear audio.
  • Works with standard twin plug headsets.
  • Works with aircraft with built-in ANR headset (single-plug LEMO) by plugging into auxiliary standard ports next to the LEMO plug. 
  • This standard cable is 6 feet long, and our extra long cable is 16 feet long.

The waterproof case that comes with the GoPro blocks the jack needed to plug in this cable. Instead, use the Frame or GoPro Skeleton Case. The cable includes a female plug to plug your headset into, so you’re not blocking an intercom jack.


GoPro Hero3, Hero 3+, and Hero4.  Not compatible with any other GoPro.

*Camera not included 

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Luis F.
United States

Great Audio

Just performed my first flight, and unlike other cheap cables, with Nflightcam the audio is great. Dont waste time or money with cheap cables, this has worked perfectly with my Gopro Hero 3+.

Bob P.

Audio Cable A+

Perfect. Should have bought this a long time ago.

Larry B.
United States


This was a replacement for a set that I broke. They work great.

Laurie I.

Great Value!

Some complain the price is too high. As a student pilot, if you save one hour of flight training time due to the extra insight gained and concept reinforcement achieved from having the opportunity to 're-live' the audio portion of your've paid for the cable several times over!

Oly O.

Go Pro Hero 3 audio/power cable

Used the new cable and the change in capability is amazing. I am now able to keep the Go Pro powered the entire flight by plugging into a USB battery pack. Records audio beautifully, nice clean crisp intercom and radio chatter. I use to try to use WIFI to control the Go Pro to turn recording on & off to save the battery. Without this cable the Go Pro would eat the battery and last maybe 15-20 minutes max. Flew a flight recently and was able to record the entire 1.3 hour flight and landed with a full battery!