NFlightCam Ultimate Action Camera Suction Cup Cockpit Mount

SKU: 591GK

Connector: GoPro (3-finger fork)
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This mount contains the ultimate action camera suction cup and articulating arm for mounting a GoPro, Garmin Virb, Sony, or any other action camera with a 3-finger (GoPro-style) mount or standard 1/4"x20 camera thread. The industrial-grade vacuum suction cup securely adheres to any smooth non-porous surface, allowing you numerous mounting options in your cockpit. The attached fully-articulating stainless steel arm allows you to find the perfect angle with complete flexibility. Easily adjust the arm on all axes by loosening the knob in the middle. Then lock the arm into position by tightening the same knob.

This mount is designed for shooting videos solely from inside your cockpit, so you will find it as a standard component of our entire range of cockpit kits. If you want to mount your camera outside the cockpit, check out our Exterior Ball-Head Mount.


Attach your choice of camera to the end of the articulating arm. Attach the articulating arm to the suction cup by threading it securely into the 1/4"x20 threaded hole in the suction cup. Mount the suction cup to a clean, smooth, relatively flat surface in the cockpit by applying gentle pressure while pumping until a solid suction grip is achieved. Use the knob on the articulating arm to adjust the angles to aim your camera.

Note on suction:

If the red line on the pump begins to show, this is a warning that a pressure change in your aircraft is starting to compromise the suction. No worries! Simply give it a few more pumps to reestablish good suction, and the red line will be hidden again. Remember that altitude changes cause pressure changes, so suction cups mounts should never be attached to the outside of a plane!


All GoPro cameras, Garmin cameras with 3-finger mount, all Sony Action Cams, or any camera with a standard 1/4"x20 camera-mounting hole


Want to use this mount with your smartphone as well? Make sure to select "Smartphone AND GoPro" in the Connector dropdown menu. This will include the smartphone connector in addition to the standard GoPro connector, so you can use it either way!


Want to exchange your suction cup with a claw clamp to give more versatility to your cockpit mount? This claw add-on allows to you switch the articulating arm back and forth between our suction cup and our claw clamp. Simply unscrew the suction cup from the articulating arm and screw the claw clamp onto the arm in its place. Now you can mount to roll bars, headrest posts, and more! Simply add one to your cart here.


*Camera not included


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