NFlightCam Aviation Surface Spud for Ball-Head Mount

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With this rock-solid design, any #8 or #10 machine screw becomes a camera-mounting point. Simply remove the screw and install the spud with a longer screw (included), and you have a camera hard point for the NFlightCam Exterior Ball-Head Mount. The rubber footing on this stainless steel spud protects your plane from scratches.

While the NFlightCam Exterior Ball-Head Mount is a complete kit that includes a surface spud, you may want to purchase extra spuds to avoid taking them on and off every time you want to change mounting points on your plane.

The spud permanently mounted to the NFlightCam Strut Clamp Mount is not removable, so adding this Surface Spud to your order gives you the flexibility of individually mounting the Ball-Head Mount (included with the Strut Clamp Mount) to other locations on your aircraft for added flexibility.

What is included:

1 NFlightCam Surface Spud

1 10-32 stainless steel countersunk screw (for mounting to aircraft)

1 8-32 stainless steel countersunk screw (for mounting to aircraft)

Compatible with:

NFlightCam Exterior Ball-Head Mount

NOT compatible with:

NFlightCam Exterior Billet Mount (our older version)


SKU 531

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