Hello! My name is Emily and I'm married to Patrick,  the owner and creator of  Nflightcam.  I'm going to be writing  about my adventures in learning to fly here at the Nflighcam Blog.  Of course, I'll be using Nflightcams to capture the flights.   Last week we scheduled a flight lesson nice and early to avoid those pesky winds, and my instructor suggested off handedly that I wear I shirt I didn't care too much about. I may be a new student pilot, but I haven't been married to a pilot for 8 years for nothing. I knew exactly what that meant. Time for a solo flight! Gulp. But even though I was really nervous, it was so much fun! And I'm pretty darn proud of myself too. Of course, it was all captured on an Nflightcam+.   Emily's First Solo Flight from Patrick Carter on Vimeo.
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