Nflightcam Cockpit Propeller Filter for GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero 4

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Our propeller filter and adapter designed to fit the GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero4 for use INSIDE the aircraft only, this removes the propeller in 90% of the conditions encountered on a typical VFR flight.  Mount it inside your cockpit to capture your flight without distracting propeller artifact ruining your video!

At 43mm in diameter, this filter allows you to use SuperWide mode on your GoPro Hero4 without vignetting (seeing the edges of the filter in your video).  We also created a positive attachment using a set screw for high vibration and high-G environments.


The GoPro's image sensor is controlled by the amount of light it senses. In normal lighting conditions, the sensor runs faster than the propeller, causing distortion and odd lines in your video. Our filter modulates the amount of light entering the sensor and keeps the speed of the sensor slower than the propeller. Since the amount of light changes constantly and the filter does not, we designed the filter to completely remove the propeller in 90% of the conditions experienced in VFR flight. For best results, we recommend avoiding shots straight into the sun.

THIS FILTER IS NOT DESIGNED TO BE MOUNTED OUTSIDE OF AN AIRCRAFT.  If you want to mount your camera outside, you need our GoPro Propeller Filter.


GoPro Hero3, Hero3+, Hero4.  Not compatible with any other GoPro.

*Camera not included

SKU 571

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