Nflightcam Smartphone Propeller Filter

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Our clip-on propeller filter fits a wide range of smartphones, even without removing the smartphone from its case. Designed for use INSIDE the aircraft only, this filter removes the propeller in 90% of the conditions encountered on a typical VFR flight.


Smartphone image sensors are controlled by the amount of light they sense.  In normal lighting conditions, the sensor runs faster than the propeller, causing distortion and odd lines in your video.  Our filter modulates the amount of light entering the sensor and keeps the speed of the sensor slower than the propeller.  Since the amount of light changes constantly and the filter does not, we designed the filter to completely remove the propeller in 90% of the conditions experienced in VFR flight.  For best results, we recommend avoiding shots straight into the sun.


Clip the filter over your smartphone camera lens.  Check the image on your smartphone screen to ensure the edges of the filter are not in the image.  If edges are visible, reposition the clip.


If you are interested in buying the entire Smartphone Cockpit Kit instead, it includes this filter, a smartphone audio recording cable, and a suction cup mount for use inside the aircraft only.  This includes everything you need to successfully record your flight with your smartphone!


Most smartphones. Please note that it does not cover all three lenses on the newest iPhones. In order to use it on the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro, position the filter over the two lenses you will be using on that flight: Normal and Zoom if shooting a scene outside the plane, Normal and Wide-Angle if shooting the cockpit interior.

*Smartphone not included

SKU 472

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